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1967 Volkswagen Westfalia Camper Bus

If there is someone that wants a camper bus but wants the rust repaired then we can talk about that as well. I would be willing to sell the bus for less with a restoration. Our vision on this bus is a survivor restoration. We think (no guarantee) there is a good amount of original paint under the top coat.  We would start by stripping the paint down to the original color. Then start the repairs on the rear LH side were someone decide to put a bay window corner on. After that then work our way around the bus fixing the rust problems. Once that is completed we would do a paint blend into the original paint. 

This 1967 Volkswagen Westfalia poptop camper bus was found tucked in the forest for many years. We rescued it and brought it back to our shop. With it being almost a complete Westfalia poptop camper we decided to get it running and driving and back onto the road. We did just that by pulling the motor and replacing the main seal and O ring, replaced spark plugs and points, pulled carburetor to clean and check, changed engine oil, and adjusted valves. Replaced axle boots, drained and refilled transmission. All the electrical was sorted out and is now working like it should. All new brakes with a new master cylinder, shoes, brake cylinders, and soft lines. It is nice to be able to stop the bus again. We also replaced the pop top canvas so now those pesky mosquitoes will not be bitting you. With all the mechanical problems taken care of you can now get in the bus, turn the key, and start enjoying some camping with the family. Even comes with a custom toilet that was installed many years back. Bus can be enjoyed and used the minute you get it. Then if you decide you want to replace some of the rusted areas on the bus you can do so as you go. Or we can do the rust repair for you if that is something you are interested in. We all know how those hopes and dreams of buying a project VW bus to use as a camper really never come true because that same project you bought sits in the garage for many many years. What we did is helped you through that stage of hoping and dreaming, now you can just get to the camping part. With everything that is going on in our world today, a little break with a VW bus while camping by the river, forest, or beach can bring so much joy. 

Comes with a clean title and the birth certificate should be coming soon. 

If you have any question please let us know. 

Vehicle Status: 
Westfalia Camper