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This 1956 Wolfsburg built 23 Window Deluxe Bus was a special build. Our client wanted to utilize only VW original parts, which made the restoration very difficult and time consuming, but we love the way it turned out and it's a blast to start up the 36hp motor and cruize around town. It's a great feeling to know this Bus will be enjoyed for many many year to come. 

A beautiful 1964 Volkswagen 21 Window Bus in the rare Mouse Grey & Pearl White paint. This was a dificult build due to the rust that was on this Bus from the start. Many hours later the Bus is sitting in our client's garage awaiting all new adventures. We cannot wait to see it out and about where every it may be. 

This 21 Window Bus is from a new customer who had it at another shop where they had a bad experience. We hear stories like this all the time, a client takes their vehicle to a restoration shop where is never gets worked on, and they ask for money. After a couple of years they finally decide that they are DONE and pull the project! We feel really bad for our clients when we hear these types of stories. We look forward to turning their experience from terrible to excellent.  

This 1956 Coral Red Oval Window Bug is finished and heading back home to the owner. We got more and more excited as we heard stories of adventures in the Beetle, from this being his car in high school, to going on his first date with his future wife, to their kids growing up riding in the back seat. There was even a time he had to remove the passenger seat and sit in the back seat because he broke his leg but still had to go to work.

After sitting in our client's barn for 30+ years, this Deluxe Bus is a true time capsule. We got the call to perform a survivor restoration and came out great. We can't wait until our client gets it on the road completely reassembled. 


This Deluxe really turned out beautiful. We added a slightly customized suspension and upgraded to disc brakes behind the stock 15" rims with white wall tires. We also completely sound deadened the interior with Dynomat which really cuts down on the noise from the upgraded motor when powering up steep hills.

What you are looking at is an original 23 Window Microbus that had been sitting in a Washington forest for many many years just rotting away. We are happy that we were the ones to accept the challenge of getting this 23 Window back on the road and save it from being parted out. Yes, this Bus needed hundreds of hours in metal work but Silver Lining did it. First, we owe a huge thank you to the new owner of this Bus as he was the one that trusted us to bring this gem back to life. Our client is the a proud owner of a 1963 15 Window Bus and he wanted to add a 23 to his collection.

Here is a 1967 21 Window Deluxe Bus that we will be performing a complete turnkey restoration on. Stay tuned for updates as we move through the restoration, it is going to be a fun build. 

A very solid 1965 VW Kombi that will be receiving a full turnkey restoration. Our customer is going to be doing a custom color combination, we are excited to see this Bus come back to life. 

1966 21 Window Deluxe getting a new fresh start. We could not believe how rust free this Bus was. Yes, we had to do a few spot repairs here and there but it's just amazing how dry this Bus is.