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This bus just arrived at our shop. It is from a new customer who had it at another shop and had a bad experience. It is stories you hear all the time. Client takes it to a restoration shop, the vehicle never gets worked on, and they ask for money. After two years you finally decide your DONE and you pull the project! I feel really bad for the clients when I hear these stories. Look forward to turning the experience from terrible to excellent.  

This 1956 Coral Red Oval bug is finished and heading back home to the (I hope to be proud) owner of this incredible oval bug. As we heard more and more stories of their adventures from this being his car in high school to going on their first date with his wife in this exact bug, to their kids growing up riding in the back. To him having to remove the passenger seat and sit in the back seat because he broke his leg but still had to go to work. Amazing we were able to be a part in this build and we are very sad it is leaving our shop.

Here is a true time capsule with the customers bus sitting his barn for 30+ years. We got the call to do a survivor restoration and came out great. Can't wait until he gets it on the road completely reassembled. 

This came out beautiful. With a slight custom suspension, with an upgrade to disc brakes. Also a complete interior dynomat that really cut the noise from the upgraded motor that really moves up those hills when you need :) Stock 15 inch rims with some white wall tires. 

What your looking at is a original 23 window microbus that has been sitting in a Washington forest for many many years just rotting away. We are happy we were the ones to get the challange of getting this 23 window back on the road and save it from being parted out. Yes this bus needed hundreds of hours in metal work but Silver Lining did it. First we owe it to the new owner of this bus. He was the one that trusted us to bring this gem back to life. He is a proud owner of a 63 15 window bus and wanted to add to his collection.

Here is a 1967 21 Window Deluxe bus that we will be doing a complete turnkey restoration. Stay tuned for updates as we move through the restoration. It is going to be a fun build. 

Very solid 65 VW kombi that will be getting a full turnkey restoration. Customer is going to be doing a custom color combination. Excited to see this bus come back to life. 

1966 21 window deluxe getting a new fresh start. I could not believe how rust free this bus was. Yes we had to do a few spot repairs here and there but just amazing this bus is so dry. 

We found this bus in our very own state Portland, Oregon. This one had a battle but the locate guy ended up getting this bus. Puttling it out of a forest we brought his guy home and gave him a really good bath that was over due for 30 years. Once completeing that task we had a great client of ours buy it from us to do a full turnkey restoration. With it looking good from far it was far from good. With all the windows being in the bus it did alot of sweating and did a great deal of damage to the interior. Nothing we are not used to so we just rolled up our sleeves and started in.

This beautiful 1963 15 window Deluxe came from Arizona. Since the dry climate the bus was in great shape to start with. Customer bought the bus from us once all the metal work was done and we contiuned a turnkey restoration. 

We were told that this bus was added to the famous and funny Gabriel Iglesias "Fluffy" collection. We hope he enjoys this bus.