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You have made the decision to restore your classic car. Now you need to decide where you want to take it and who will get it done in a timely matter? Well we offer SILVER for the clients who don’t want to wait 3-5 years. With the SILVER package the restoration would be  around 1 to 1 1/2 years. You will get weekly photo updates of the progress made with descriptions of what we are doing. We understand you want to be involved in the build and this is the closest thing to being here with us. We do not take deposits on any projects. So once your classic is in our shop we get to work. We invoice weekly for time $130.00 per hour and materials. With every project being different there is no way to give a bid because it is impossible to know how much rust there is, or what quality of a restoration you want - concours or show quality restoration? There are many factors to a restoration. It is common in our industry for shops to give bids but by the end of the build it is two to three times the amount. Our goal, is for you the client, and Silver Lining Auto Restoration to work together as the project moves forward to the finish. Performing quality work and having satisfied customers is on our mind every step of the way.