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A very solid 1965 VW Kombi that will be receiving a full turnkey restoration. Our customer is going to be doing a custom color combination, we are excited to see this Bus come back to life. 

1966 21 Window Deluxe getting a new fresh start. We could not believe how rust free this Bus was. Yes, we had to do a few spot repairs here and there but it's just amazing how dry this Bus is.

Here is a 1958 15 window press bumper bus. This bus was found in the dry country of Spokane Washington. It was a race to get once the bus was located but I was the first to come look at it and bought it. I wanted it for my personal collection but decided to put it for sale. I have alot of projects right now and don't know when I will be getting around to restoring this one. We have already started the metal restoration, has been taken back to bare metal, and most of the metal is bought. If someone wants a really solid press bumper deluxe bus here is your chance.

We found this Bus in our own neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. This one was a battle to locate the owner, but we ended up getting the Bus. After pulling it out of a forest, we brought the Bus home and gave it a really good bath that was 30 years over due. Once that task was completed, a great client of ours purchased it from us to perform a full turnkey restoration. The Bus looked good from afar, but it was far from good.

This beautiful 1963 15 Window Deluxe came from Arizona. Due to the dry climate the Bus was in great shape to start with. Our customer purchased the Bus from us once all the metal work was finished, we then continued with a turnkey restoration. 

We were told that this Bus was added to the famous and funny Gabriel Iglesias "Fluffy" collection. We hope he enjoys this Bus. 

Here is a very solid 1959 Panel bus. I bought this a few years back with plans of making it my logo business bus for my shop. Plans have changed since and figured I would see if anyone is interested. It has been a great little run around town bus for us and hate to see it go because we don't come across dry buses like this anymore. You defiantly can sit in the bus start it and drive off. Needs work and even a little rust repair here and there but very solid start. New owner should look at the brakes and tune it up before driving it as a daily driver. Motor always starts without a problem.

We are currently working to bring this amazing 1957 Oval Window Volkswagen Bug back to its original glory. We plan to use this vehicle as a show car and as an example to showcase our quality of work. This car will be on display in June at the Woodburn Volkswagen Show in Oregon. 

This Double Cab came from a couple in Montana who dearly loved the Bus. They were very sad to see it go, but it was the right decision as the Bus was only rotting into the ground. We will bring the Bus back to it's previous glory. After we performed all the metal work and the Bus was heading for bodywork and paint we had an interested client who purchased the Double Cab and is having us finish the restoration. 

This Bus is a special one because of the fact that it was featured on the TV show "American Pickers" in the June 25th 2012 "Love Em and Leave Em" episode. We had already started to strip it down and perform the metal work when a good customer of ours just had to have it. We will be starting up on the project once again. 

1963 Volkswagen 15 Window Walk-thru Deluxe Microbus. This Bus has a great story...there was a lead given to us that there was a Bus sitting in a backyard in Washington. Not wanting to miss out on getting another Bus we got to work. Two of our friends were close by in a neighboring city and were kind enough to go down and check it out. Sure enough, there was a beautiful 15 Window Deluxe sitting in a field. After a pair of 6 hour one way trips back and forth with a truck and trailer we finally got the owners to let loose of the Bus so we could restore it and return it to the open road. 


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