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Original paint Sea blue 1965 Volkswagen 11 window walk-thru bus that is running and driving with all new brake components. All new hard lines, soft lines ,master cylinder, brake shoes and bearings. Would make a great project for someone who wants to putt around town and fix it up at the same time. Does come with front, middle, and a rear seats which is a bonus for a VW bus. It has good frame rails but will need the normal lower 6-12 inch replaced if you wanted it to be a solid bus. The cargo floors need to be replaced for the seat mounts are rusty and barely holding the seats in.

A nice Westfalia Subhatch Bus that has seen too many bad restorations. With rust everywhere, we will do the rust repair the right way. 

What you are looking at is an original 23 Window Microbus that had been sitting in a Washington forest for many many years just rotting away. We are happy that we were the ones to accept the challenge of getting this 23 Window back on the road and save it from being parted out. Yes, this Bus needed hundreds of hours in metal work but Silver Lining did it. First, we owe a huge thank you to the new owner of this Bus as he was the one that trusted us to bring this gem back to life. Our client is the a proud owner of a 1963 15 Window Bus and he wanted to add a 23 to his collection.

Here is a seamed gate 1959 Double Cab project that is for sale. It was started by another gentleman and now it is at our shop. If you are looking for a bullet nose pre 61 double cab you know they are a little rarer to find. WIth it being a solid project we would be able to start on the metal work right away because the bus was already blasted. There is no secrets with this bus. Frame is solid. Need to buy the metal and start welding. We would sell this as is without a restoration if your interested. Please give us a call. 

Here is a 1967 21 Window Deluxe Bus that we will be performing a complete turnkey restoration on. Stay tuned for updates as we move through the restoration, it is going to be a fun build. 

Here you have a Volkswagen 1967 13 Window Deluxe sea blue microbus with AWESOME OG / patina paint. If you looking for a project you can drive and work on at the same time, that has crazy character with the patina look, then you are looking at the right bus. With a little work you can turn this running and driving bus into a daily driver and rock it the way it is. This bus comes with all of the original interior panels. The biggest surprise is the OG headliner that is still intact and in good condition for how old the bus is. You just don’t see headliners in much buses anymore.

We will be performing a Survivor Restoration on this beautiful original paint 23 Window Samba Bus. We can't wait to see how this project finishes out. It is going to be a really nice patina bus. Our customer wants all the rust repaired then paint blended out to the OG paint. 

A very solid 1965 VW Kombi that will be receiving a full turnkey restoration. Our customer is going to be doing a custom color combination, we are excited to see this Bus come back to life. 

1966 21 Window Deluxe getting a new fresh start. We could not believe how rust free this Bus was. Yes, we had to do a few spot repairs here and there but it's just amazing how dry this Bus is.

Here is a 1958 15 window press bumper bus. This bus was found in the dry country of Spokane Washington. It was a race to get once the bus was located but I was the first to come look at it and bought it. I wanted it for my personal collection but decided to put it for sale. I have alot of projects right now and don't know when I will be getting around to restoring this one. We have already started the metal restoration, has been taken back to bare metal, and most of the metal is bought. If someone wants a really solid press bumper deluxe bus here is your chance.


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