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For sale is this 1964 13 window Deluxe Bus non walk thru with a cool patina look. We don’t have too much information on the Bus. What you see in the pictures is what is included. The Bus does have the front seats but no middle and rear. There is a good amount of rust. If you are looking for a shop to restore the Bus, we can do that for you too. If it is just the metal work to body and paint, or turnkey, we can help you through any steps. 

WHEELS AND TIRES NOT INCLUDED. We will have stock 14 Bus rim and tires for rollers. 

Will come with an Oregon clear title 

Silver Lining Auto Restoration is offering this early 1963 15 window deluxe bus with a restoration. If you've been looking for a deluxe bus then this one is a great project to start with. We are not interested in selling it out right but looking for that client that wants a 15 window and is looking for a shop to restore it for them. Please check out our website for more information about our shop and the restorations we do. 

Here is a 1958 bug sedan that is a great driver. Bug came out of high desert so very little rust. There was a little around the battery tray but that was replaced. good channels and pans. I would say this is a solid driver. You can call it patina with the original color being glacier blue. Interior is all brand new with West Coast Classic Interior complete kit. New Mohair headliner, seat covers, door panels, and carpet kit. Plus the install which is a great bonus. Has a strong 36hp motor and transmission shifts through all the gears and all the lights work. Ready to drive. 

Here is a 1959 single cab pickup ready for metal work. There was some metal work done by the previous owner and it was brought to us to make it right however they are moving on from the project and is now for sale. This bus has already been blasted so you can see exactly where the areas that need attention. With this bus already started the restoration process you are already a few steps ahead. There is time in disassembly the bus plus the cost in sandblasting. 


Here is a 1963 double cab pickup that is available for purchase. The project has been started. Completely disassembled, all the rusted areas cut out and blasted. Now it is time to buy the metal and start welding it back together. This is how every bus looks when someone sends us their bus to restore. We first dissemble the bus then off to blasting. This gives you a jump start on the project. 

Here is a 1965 13 window deluxe bus with a lot of original paint. This would make a killer patina bus. The vision we had for this one was a survivor restoration. First would fix all the rusted area so what wouldn’t be a problem in the future. Do the bodywork needed and blend into the OG paint. Can keep the original interior panels or refinish the inside with new panels and seat covers. Get a new headliner as well. Then get this bus on an upgraded suspension with an adjustable beam, disc brakes in the front with a freeway flyer transmission in the back.

If there is someone that wants a camper bus but wants the rust repaired then we can talk about that as well. I would be willing to sell the bus for less with a restoration. Our vision on this bus is a survivor restoration. We think (no guarantee) there is a good amount of original paint under the top coat.  We would start by stripping the paint down to the original color. Then start the repairs on the rear LH side were someone decide to put a bay window corner on. After that then work our way around the bus fixing the rust problems.

Here is a 1960 Volkswagen 11 window kombi bus. We will be doing an old style auction, .99 cents and no reserve on Ebay. Here is your chance to own a historic VW split window bus. We got the bus from someones garage because they realized their hopes of being able to drive the bus around town was never going to happen. Now that we put the time and money into the getting the bus road worthy you don’t have to worry about that being that guy that buys a project classic and it sits in the garage for years with no progress being made.

This 1956 Wolfsburg built 23 Window Deluxe Bus was a special build. Our client wanted to utilize only VW original parts, which made the restoration very difficult and time consuming, but we love the way it turned out and it's a blast to start up the 36hp motor and cruize around town. It's a great feeling to know this Bus will be enjoyed for many many year to come. 

A rare 1960 Double Cab pickup. Our customer did most of the metal work and wants us to finish up the rear bed area then, continue with the body work and paint. 


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