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Here is a very rare 1958 Volkswagen Palm Green Sand Green (also know as PG/SG) survivor OG paint / patina bus. It was amazing that we even had the opportunity to buy this. With another VW collector in our area visiting Northern California with his family on a vacation he happen to look on Craigslist and there was an add for a bus in Alaska. He was kind enough to forward it to me. I immediately called upon it but there was a gentleman already flying up from California to purchase the bus.

In May of 2015, we found out about a rare 1957 Volkswagen Transporter Bus in Alaska. What intrigued us enough to go all the way to Alaska for this project was that it still had its original paint, which is a big deal to many vintage automobile enthusiasts.

Beyond being an original paint, it also had clean rocker panels without any rust rot and the interior cargo floors were great shape as well. 


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