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We found this bus in our very own state Portland, Oregon. This one had a battle but the locate guy ended up getting this bus. Puttling it out of a forest we brought his guy home and gave him a really good bath that was over due for 30 years. Once completeing that task we had a great client of ours buy it from us to do a full turnkey restoration. With it looking good from far it was far from good. With all the windows being in the bus it did alot of sweating and did a great deal of damage to the interior. Nothing we are not used to so we just rolled up our sleeves and started in.

This beautiful 1963 15 window Deluxe came from Arizona. Since the dry climate the bus was in great shape to start with. Customer bought the bus from us once all the metal work was done and we contiuned a turnkey restoration. 

We were told that this bus was added to the famous and funny Gabriel Iglesias "Fluffy" collection. We hope he enjoys this bus. 

Currently working to bring an amazing 1957 Oval Window Volkswagon Bug back to its original glory. We plan to use this vehicle as a show car and example for our quality of work. This car will be on display in June at the Woodburn Volkswagen Show in Oregon. 

This client had a gold package restoration. The day it drove in to the day it drove out was 3 months to the day. Great build!!!  

Here is a Volkswagen 21 window Deluxe Microbus that we found in Washington and completed a highend turnkey restoration. 

1963 Volkswagen 15 Window Walk-thru Deluxe Microbus. This bus has a great story for us. There was a lead given to us that there was a bus in a backyard sitting in Washington. Not wanting to miss out on getting another bus we got to work. Two friends of ours were close by in a few cities over and they were kind enough to go down and check it out. Sure enough there was this beautiful 15 window Deluxe sitting in a field.

This bus found a great customer who loves the bus the way it is. He asked us to do the metal restoration and we have already started. With him wanting to keep the bus in the patina form we decide to sandblast the underside, engine area, cargo and front floor, and about 14 inches up the bus. Now we can see where all the rust is and have order the metal. Once we are done we will then match the paint from the top half of the bus to the bottom. This is going to be a fun build. Can't wait to see it finished. 

We did not have to go far for this bus for it was right in our back yard. Bought it from a couple that traveled around the US in it and front the looks of the bus they had a great time. As always the bus had a good amount of rust so we decide to get it blasted to see where the rust was hiding. Once we did that we got to work to get the rust out and the new metal in. After completing the rust repair the bus sat until it was purchased by a gentleman overseas. Where he had plans to do the body work and paint.  

Here was a local bus that we found and thought is was a really solid bus and thought to block sand it out and put a new paint job on it. After sanding it down we found alot of rust that we had to take care of. In a small time it turned into a complete restoration.