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1959 VW 23 Window Deluxe Microbus OG PAINT

What a spectacular piece of history you are looking out right here. Do you get better then this, a VW 23 window deluxe samba, high hinge, bullet turn signal, straight shifter that has incredible original paint. With the bus being 57 years old and to be this dry and to have this much of the original color still on the bus is amazing. I would love to see someone that is wanting a bus with this much OG paint that will do a survivor restoration. This is a prime candidate to make the ultimate patina 23 window deluxe bus, did I also mention that this is a straight shifter 59 23 window. Which makes it an early 59 that comes with a 36HP motor. The bus starts right up and drives. I would not trust it on the road until everything is gone through. Depending on the new owner of this bus I would have us repair any rust that it has, paint and blend the panels to match the OG paint, then give the drive train a complete rebuild (front beam, transmission, and motor). Then drive it around with your head held high and proud. 

We all know what these buses are worth and Silver Lining Auto Restoration is looking for that client that has been dreaming about a OG paint, bullet turn signal, complete 23 window bus. We recommend a survivor restoration but if there is someone that wants that show bus and is interested in it being done the right way and have seen our work then we can do that as well. It would be painful to strip all this OG paint off but we also understand it is not for everyone. Call me and we can talk about a turnkey show quality restoration. 

Nevertheless don’t miss out on this time capsule. We have seen A LOT of buses and we have not seen one this dry in a long time and on top of that being a 23 window. With the bus being very complete you will not be searching for parts. How many times you see 23 window buses project for sale for mid to high 5 digit numbers but the bus is stripped of all of its parts. With all three original split bus seats being present you don’t have to search for them. I would think that if we were to do a restoration you would want to get a new interior. You wouldn’t want to be in your suit and tie and get it dirty from just getting in your bus. We can put and new headliner, seat covers, and interior panels if you like. 

With this bus the options are open. Let us know how you want us to build your dream bus. From suspension options of stock, custom full air ride, or just a nice clean drop we can do that too. Want it to be and OG paint bus with a big motor and a freeway flyer trans, we can do that too. If you can dream of it we can do it. 

Don’t just buy a bus on the samba that someone has already done the restoration on that you had NO part in building. We give you the closes thing to being a part of restoring the bus without needing to get your hands dirty. We always say, you do what your good at doing and let us do what we are good at doing and maybe you will enjoy driving your bus instead of it sitting in your garage and thinking one day you will actually restore it.    


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