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1958 PG/SG Original Paint bus

Here is a very rare 1958 Volkswagen Palm Green Sand Green (also know as PG/SG) survivor OG paint / patina bus. It was amazing that we even had the opportunity to buy this. With another VW collector in our area visiting Northern California with his family on a vacation he happen to look on Craigslist and there was an add for a bus in Alaska. He was kind enough to forward it to me. I immediately called upon it but there was a gentleman already flying up from California to purchase the bus. I sadly moved on but lo-and behold a few days later the seller call me back and said the buyer was unable to make the trip. We immediately agreed upon a deal to purchase this fabulous bus. 

With it having almost all of it’s original paint, is just incredible. For being a 1958 which makes it 58 years old (ha look at that) the OG paint looks phenomenal. Even the window frames for the popouts and front doors are the nicest PG/SG we’ve ever seen. Coming out of Alaska where it sat for 30+ years in a field. From the story we heard and all the glass we cleaned out, kids had busted every piece of glass on the bus. Which is exactly what saved the bus from rotting into the ground. Since is was able to breathe, mixed with the cold climate the outside and interior paint is unreal. Just look at the pictures, look at that dash, did you see the roof, did you look how deep the green still is? If you are looking for an OG PG/SG bus this is the one you want. This is a special bus. 

Have clean title in our name. 

We went through the running gear, brakes, and interior to get this bus back on the road. It still has all the original interior panels. We got new seat covers, headliner, and snowflake seat kick panels for it too. It is now ready to enjoy and drive around proudly. We did not want to repair any of the rust. I was not going to be the first to cut on this beautiful OG bus. I will let the new owner make that decision if he wants to repair the rust and blend the paint or just leave it as is and drive it around. Has a period correct 36hp motor to get you around town. 

Give me a call if you are interested. Like I said you can keep it as is and drive it around or we can fix it up and blend the paint to make it the ultimate survivor. 

For more photos go to our Facebook page.

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